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Home Business in a Box

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Our Home Business in a Box makes it easy to start your own business.  We handle the designs and products, you focus on selling. Sell to friends, family, local businesses and at events. We make it easy and profitable for you. Not only do we give great margins (40%+) but you control your funds.

No contract, No re-occurring fees, Start selling in under 2 weeks.

Minimum 40% margin means you're earning more with each sale:

example: sell 20 card packs per day and you're earning $100/day.  With over 100 products to sell, your earning can come on day one.


Earn $50-$200 per day...


A simple four step process:

  1. Purchase a Home Business in a Box at Bunny & Butters: Create an account and purchase the Home Business in a Box.
  2. Use your Home Business in a Box: Collect orders from friends, family, local business or online through social.  Place orders every week or every month online through Bunny & Butters.
  3. We ship your order: Your order is shipped to you for distribution.  You're always in control of your customers, your business and your funds.
  4. Build your business...

Current Supported Products:

note: once you've purchased your Home Business in a Box you'll have a direct line to Bunny & Butters to request additional products that fit your business.

What comes with your Home Business in a Box:

  • (1) Wholesale Price List:  Includes your price, MSRP, profit and a place to track orders placed with Bunny & Butters.
  • (5) Customer Order Forms: Forms to accept and keep track of your customer's orders.
  • (1) Card Sample: A random card sample with envelope
  • (1) Sticker Sample: A random sticker sample
  • (1) Folder: Used to hold all of your lists and documents
  • (1) Card Box Sample: Sample of the box that cards packs come in
  • (1) Wholesale Guide: Access to your account information, links to all of our product sheets, faqs and help on getting started.

 important: purchasing this Home Business in a Box is not hiring you as an employee of Bunny & Butters.  You are independent of Bunny & Butters and will be building your own business.

If you would like to see this design on a new product please contact us and let us know what type of product and we will do our best to accommodate.  From mugs to hoodies to bags, we'll do our best to get you the product you want.

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